In today’s modern age, more and more people are spending a lot of time sitting because most jobs require them to do so. Even if you regularly go to the gym, it doesn’t mean that you will burn calories in the long run. If you lose around 500 calories in the gym, you may as well easily gain them during the day just by not being physically active enough. What most of you seem often to forget is that each of us has a different metabolism and each of us requires both different eating habits and daily workout. Luckily, there are stealth ways you can turn up your calories burn all day long. Check out these tips and get your body into shape in no time.


Replace your chair


Did you know that you can lose calories just by sitting? Get rid of your regular desk chair and invest in the alternatives such as stability ball. It will not only allow you to keep balance while sitting but also engage your core muscles, burn calories and tone your back and abs. However, make sure you don’t spend too much time sitting on a ball because it may affect your body position and cause your body to bend over. The best solution is to combine a regular desk chair and a balancing ball. You can even try a rocking chair to rest your core because rocking burns up to 150 calories an hour.


Bike to work

Bike to work to get rid of calories
Ride your bike to work

No matter whether your work is close to or far from your home, try cycling instead of taking a public transport or going by car. From getting physically active to be able to find a parking space more easily, cycling brings multiple benefits. In case you really need to commute to work either because of weather conditions or a big distance between home and your workplace, split it up. Choose a bus or a train to a near point and then cycle to work. Before you start cycling, keep in mind that it is necessary for you to find a comfortable and reliable bike. You can ask cyclist friends for advice on what bike will work for you as well as the adequate equipment that goes along the way.


Eat more, no less


Haylie Pomroy, the author of “Metabolism Revolution”, emphasizes that eating too little triggers a hormonal reaction in which your body starts to burn fewer calories and stores away more of them as fat. On the other hand, once you start eating nutritious healthy foods, your body gets a signal that the emergency has passed and that it can start burning fat for fuel again. Since each one of us is a separate individual, there are no one-size.fits all recommendation when it comes to burning the calories. It depends on various factors such as your age, eating habits, previous dieting history, and activities. To make sure you are on the rights track, it’s always advisable to consult a professional dietician who will give you the right instructions about the amount you need.


Snack smart

Chicken salad full of proteins
Chicken salad

There are foods that can increase metabolisms such as protein (chicken and cheese) and foods high in fiber (broccoli, asparagus spears, carrots). When it comes to proteins, our bodies have to invest more effort and energy to digest them which means that eating these foods burns more calories. Avoid munching high sugar foods all day not only because they are not healthy but also because they could damage insulin which determines whether sugar is stored as fat. Besides protein, iron, zinc, and selenium-rich foods play important role in proper functioning of your body (meat, seafood, nuts, seeds).


Don’t skip on your breakfast


The common misconception is that by avoiding breakfast or eating a tiny morning meal will help you lose weight and get into shape more quickly. On the contrary, it’s pretty much the worst possible way to start your day. The most important thing your body needs to start functioning properly once you wake up in the morning is fuel or food. This sends your body a signal to start storing fat because who knows when you will get enough amount of food. That’s why its good to start eating your breakfast within 30 minutes of waking up if possible scrambled eggs with veggies. This should give your body enough fuel to start the day.



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