Winter days are far behind us and it’s high time to start getting ready for hot summer days. It’s never too late to keep your new year’s resolution and get into shape. From going on a diet and changing your eating habits, to going to the gym and attending special training courses, there is a variety of ways how you can achieve the desired look. Whether you are focused on losing weight or just want more insight into tips and tricks re regarding healthy lifestyle, fitness blogs have something to offer for everyone. Besides a wide range of stories about other people’s experiences, tips and ideas, these blogs offer useful exercises and recipes that can help you create healthy habits in the long run.On top of that, they usually give you the ability to communicate with the people who have similar interests.

Here, we have rounded up a few best fitness blogs you definitely should read in 2018.


Ace is a nonprofit organization mainly focused on a wide range of topics such as exercises for a lower part of the body as well as the benefits that these exercises provide. On top of that, it provides both professional sportsmen and fitness enthusiasts with valuable information on how to activate themselves and avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Their end goal is to prevent the development of diseases caused by unhealthy lifestyle and bad eating habits. ACE stands for American Council on Exercise whose goal is to set the highest industry standards and help people worldwide make movement their mission and ultimately live healthy and active lifestyles.

2. Natalie Jill fitness

After gaining a lot of weight, losing her house and ending her marriage, Natalie decided to start a fitness blog that immediately became a huge success. Many people find inspiration in her immense strength to overcome all the obstacles and get into shape. She empowers people and motivates them to strive towards achieving their goals no matter how unattainable they may seem. She specializes in fitness, weight loss, healthy lifestyle and body weight training. It is her aim to help people to start believing in themselves, show their true potential and eventually become the best versions of themselves.

3. Black Girls Run

In 2009, Tony and Ashley started Black Girls run with the aim to emphasize the ever-increasing problem of obesity in the African American community. Black Girls run provides you with plenty of valuable information, tips, and tricks when it comes to running, products related to running and gear reviews. Also, if you want to hear more about other women who had to tackle the same problem then you should definitely follow this blog. The mission of BlackGirls Run is to encourage all girls to make fitness and healthy living a priority. This group is open to all women, but not men.

4. Jaime Morocco

Jaime Morocco is a passionate and dedicated NASM certified Personal Trainer whose ultimate goal is to help people start consuming nutritious food as well as to encourage them to start making a diet plan. Once Jame realizes that her job in Silicon Valley is getting in the way of the job she actually loves and that is personal fitness training, she decided to quit her job. Now, Jaime promotes the methodology that we should use an innate intelligence of our own body, mind, and spirit in order to reach our goals in a healthy and safe way. She also offers a lot of free valuable resources no how to reduce metabolic dysfunction and learn more about the weight loss.

5. Run to the finish

Whether you are just a beginner in running or experienced professional, this blog will give you any information you need to leverage your running capacity. Here, you will find useful tips, recipes, product reviews, training exercises and so much more that will enable you to step up the game when it comes to running.

6. Element Fitness

Mike started his blog with the aim to provide people the possibility to enjoy in the quality material that can be trusted. He believes that the Internet gives people a lot of unfiltered information that doesn’t bring any particular value to them, That’s why he decided to, as he says, “create high-end health and fitness experience and deliver it to you in a nice and easy to use package”.



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