There’s a new diet that has been gaining much popularity over the last few months Рa carnivore diet. Carnivore diet includes eating mainly meat without plants, meaning no fruit or vegetables. This diet has caught much attention primarily because we have been taught that meat is not healthy and should be avoided as often as possible. However, people who have tried this type of diet claim that it causes a drastic weight loss and, lower blood pressure, cure depression and increases mental cognition.


Even though it might seem insane to consume a large amount of red meat together with poultry, fish and eggs and a cup of tea and coffee, there are obvious reasons why people decide to try out this new controversial diet.


To shed light and help you understand this diet better, we did a bit of research and tried to answer some of the most common questions about carnivore diet.


What kind of food should you avoid?


Carbohydrates and supplements. No matter whether it is a candy or vegetables, any carb source should definitely be avoided, even restricted form carnivore diet.


What kind of food should you eat?

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Meat and dairy. In order to maintain stable energy levels (since you aren’t consuming carbs), its necessary for you to eat fattier meat from beef, steak and fatty cuts to red meat. When it comes to dairy, you can consume all the dairy coming from animals such as milk, butter, and cheese. Keep in mind that a large number of carnivore dieters try to avoid the dairy products because of lactose intolerance. Unlike ketogenic diet, Besides meat, you are allowed to eat fish and animal fat products such as lard and tallow.


What are the benefits of a carnivore diet?


According to the research and based on experiences of various carnivore dieters, there are many strong advantages of this diet. Some of them are:


  • Weight loss


Avoiding to take carbs keeps your blood sugar low all the time. Essentially, you don’t get insulin spikes, so your body naturally doesn’t store incoming calories as body fat.


  • A simple way of eating


Since most diets include different macronutrients and counting calories which can sometimes be rather confusing, eating a meat-only diet which has a simple protocol is a great way to begin dieting.


  • Lower inflammation


According to the 2013 study in the journal Metabolism, fat-rich animal foods can lower inflammation and high-fat eating may be beneficial to cardiovascular health.


  • Mental clarity


Like in cariogenic diet, carnivore diet has a positive impact on mental health. Since our brain is made up of nearly 60 percent of fat, carnivore diet can only boost focus, mood, and mental clarity.


  • Improved digestive system


Despite the popular belief that it is important to eat fiber, carnivore dieters claim the opposite. They believe that fiber is more trouble than worth and they proved it through scientific research.


Is Carnivore diet safe?

Carnivore diet: is it healthy to eat only meat?
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Despite all the advantages of a carnivore diet, many people claim that eliminating healthy foods such as plants and vegetables is not only unhealthy but also dangerous. Essentially, fruits and vegetables decrease the risk of chronic disease, DNA damage and they support the immune system. On the other hand, some experts claim that all-meat diet also has a number of benefits pointing out that there is no one-size-fits-all diet. For instance, some people with the atypical immune system cannot consume certain plant compounds because they provide too great a stress and confuse an already confused system. On top of that, some people claim the carnivore diet helped them heal their chronic ailments.


Does the carnivore diet work?


When it comes to athletes, many carnivore dieters have reported improved strength gains. On the other hand, science journalists claim that a diet which completely lacks meat and focuses only on fiber is associated with a healthier life. That’s why the answer to this question is a bit complicated and it definitely is not completely black and white.


Taking into account that each one of us is a separate individual with the different immune system and eating habits, maybe the best option is to take the balanced approach and adopt all-meat diet only for some period of time and then change to some other diet which provides us with a reasonable amount of veggies and fruits. After all, eating meat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner isn’t the best option in the long run. Naturally, before starting dieting, consult your doctor or dietician.



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