Even though it may seem that cooking for one is an easy task, we have noticed that it can be pretty challenging sometimes. When you are the only one at the table, you need to limit yourself to some meals that won’t take much of your time and that you won’t have to throw away because there is too much left. Of course, there is always takeout, but this is not a good option in the long run because fast food lacks in nutrients, makes you put on some weight and empties your wallet in the long run.


To help you make yourself some easy and healthy meals you really deserve, we pulled together a list of the most delicious and quick meals that will suit almost anyone’s taste and that will inspire you to spend some time in the kitchen.

 1. Avocado waffles with sunny egg

Avocado has been gaining much popularity for some time now and it’s absolutely delicious especially when prepared with eggs and toast. Substitute a toast with some tender multigrain waffles, add the egg, avocado, and feta cheese – voila, a perfect breakfast or dinner meal that has only 15 grams of protein and that will keep you satisfied throughout the day. A fun fact – waffles and avocados both improve heart health.

2. Southwestern turkey burgers

Homemade turkey burgers is an excellent food choice for anyone who wants to have some rest from cooking. It is easy to make and it can serve four. This means you can eat one and leave the rest for dinner. What gives it that extra oomph is finely chopped pickled jalapeños, the tangy spice from the pickled peppers combined with corn kernels. It is lean, protein-rich and tasty to boot.  

3. Peach Crisp Smoothie

Smoothies are perfect for summer when we need some extra energy during the hot summer days and above all, they are refreshing. Although berries seem to the most popular fruit when it comes to smoothies, peaches can also be the top choice. Peach Crisp Smoothie has everything you need to go through the busy morning and requires a minimum preparation. Use fresh peaches(if you have them) and blend them with heart-healthy walnuts, oats, and banana. Bon Appetit!

4. Tuna Nicoise

A Nicoise salad is a perfect and easy meal because it requires nothing more than opening a can of tuna, chopping and cooking a couple of vegetables. You can choose from blanched green beans to fresh snap peas and add some sweet potatoes and eggs. You can put sweet beans and eggs in one bowl together and reduce the number of pots which means minimum cleanup and maximum relaxing time for you.

5. Massa brown rice egg bowl

Anyone who has a lack of time and wants to stay out of the kitchen for a while should try this delicious and simple meal from Kitchn. Add chopped carrots or chard and spice this up by adding some garlic, ginger, peppers or even curry powder. If you don’t have seasonal vegetables with you, you can use frozen ones. Salmon and chicken meat are a nice addition.

6. Simple Cheese Omelette

One of the quick meals on Jamie Oliver’s list is a delicious and easy-to-make cheese omelet that will provide you with plenty of staying power. You can make this meal at any time of the day and help yourself feel fuller for longer. The good thing about eggs is that they are an affordable source of protein because they help our muscles grow and repair. To make your meal even more balanced, serve it with a simple tomato salad and wholemeal bread.

7. No-bake vanilla breakfast cookies

None of this would make much sense if we didn’t add some sweets to the list. Each one of us has an occasional sweet-food craving. Instead of going to the candy shop and buying all those candies that will do nothing but add to your weight, stay at home and make yourself a delicious breakfast cookie. These breakfast cookies are the perfect choice because you can eat them right away or just put them in the fridge and grab them on the way out the door. Most importantly, you don’t have to bake them.



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