Each year when summer is on its way, we suddenly become aware of our physical body condition and we make a decision to do something about it. Getting started with exercises for the first time can sometimes be overwhelming – it feels like you are doing something you are not well-informed about and that you can’t see the results quickly which may discourage you from continuing your workout, etc. The truth is that the whole world of fitness out there is an amazing thing which offers so many opportunities to suit everyone’s taste and needs. Once you start exploring this world, you may come to realize that choosing the one that suits you is not such an easy task. That’s why we decided to help you by offering you a few simple tips that will make your decision making much easier and quicker.


Start from the positive aspects

According to the psychologists, the best way to start making some changes is to first accept the positive aspects of your current body condition and then move on the “problematic areas”. In other words, you cannot expect to change something about yourself if you don’t love yourself. Also, sometimes people spend an extensive amount of time trying to achieve some goals, and once they do so, they are still not satisfied and they don’t appreciate themselves when they are at the finish line.

Have fun

Before you choose what form of workout you want to do, make sure its fun. You don’t want to spend hours and weeks investing your effort into something you feel bored or overwhelmed with. Don’t do exercises that don’t bring you satisfaction because, in the end, it won’t bring positive results and help you live a healthier life.

Make a plan and set a realistic goal

Once you choose the type of workout, start from the small steps. For instance, if you have chosen to jog on a daily basis to burn calories, build a plan that will initially include shorter runs. Then, eventually, move on to the bigger steps and increase the distance until you reach your goal. This will not only increase your chances of success, but you will feel much more motivated and content once you realize you are about to attain your ultimate goal.

Get to know the gym equipment

Once you enter the gym, you might have a hard time choosing the machine you would like to work on. Naturally, to have a better insight into what benefits working on each machine can bring, get to know at least some of the basic pieces of equipment and handful of exercises that will carry you through the first few weeks of exercising. Some of the exercises you may find interesting are a treadmill, stationary bike, stair climber, etc.

Don’t miss workouts

One thing that prevents people from sticking to their initial plan is missing workouts. Although most people start pretty motivated and eager to get their body in shape, they usually give up after only skipping a few training sessions. For instance, they get sick or go on a vacation or their life gets busy and they need to change the schedule and adjust it to new circumstances, etc. There is nothing wrong with missing a few training sessions, but you need to make sure you have a system to make it as easy as possible to get back on the track.

Consider booking a session with a personal trainer

One thing you should consider doing is booking a session with a trainer if your gym offers such an option. As a beginner, there is probably a list of questions you would like to ask a professional trainer and to get more comfortable with the equipment you are about to use. If your gym doesn’t offer this option, you may ask someone, if its possible to set up a session with someone who can show you how to use the equipment and do the exercises in the appropriate manner. On the other hand, if you decide not to join the gym, you may consider starting working out following the instructions of a personal professional trainer online.

Finally, if you still find it hard to stick to the schedule, do a 21 day of a challenge and test your own determination and strength, reshape your old habits or build new, better ones. You will be amazed at the amazing results you are about to achieve.



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