There’s been a lot of buzz about ketogenic or popularly called keto diet recently and the incredible impact it may have on the body weight. In its core, a ketogenic diet is a low carb, moderate protein, and high-fat diet which puts the body in a metabolic state known as ketosis. In other words, when your body is in the state of ketosis, the liver produces ketones which give the energy to your body. You are probably asking yourself why it has drawn so much attention all over the world?! It has even been used by celebrities like Kim Kardashian, NBA player Lebron James and others. The reason why it took the world by storm is that it completely reverses how your body functions in a positive way and because it makes you view your nutrition in a whole new light. So, here are a few things you didn’t know about this diet.

What do you eat

In order to put your body in the state of ketosis, 80 to 90 % of calories you consume should come from fat and the rest of the calories should come from proteins and carbs. Keep in mind that your carb intake should be limited to 10 to 35 grams, which is roughly the amount of a single apple or a piece of bread.  You are allowed to eat lots of high-fat meat (hot dogs, beef, bacon) and various oils and nuts. When it comes to vegetables, you can consume them but in the moderate amount. On top of that, high-fat dairy like cheese is also up for a grab. However, a properly designed ketogenic diet will include the following:

-raw nuts and seeds

-free-range poultry

-high-fat fruits like coconut and avocado

-quality oils including extra-virgin coconut oil and olive oil

-wild-caught fish

The benefits of a ketogenic diet

Keto diet has a variety of benefits that make it distinguish itself from the rest of the diets. Here are some of them:

  1. Weight loss – instead of looking for glucose, your body keeps burning fat when it needs more energy. Once your body enters the state of ketosis, both blood sugar an insulin levels drop which, consequently gives the fat cells the ability to release the water. This is when you will see the big reduction in weight which actually happens due to losing water.
  2. Better mental focus – when you are experiencing ketosis, your brain uses ketones as a fuel source, which it can rely on for a longer period of time. This allows you to maintain focus longer than usual.
  3. It lowers blood pressure – keto diet has a powerful impact on blood pressure making it lower. This is especially important for people who are suffering from some heart diseases or may develop some future heart problems.
  4. Keto diet is a gamechanger – one of the things that make keto dies to effective and popular all across the globe is the fact that it allows you to consume a wide array of delicious recipes that you can easily make. Naturally, this does not include fat bombs and you should definitely avoid making them.
  5. It gives you more energy – in ketosis, your body accumulates large amounts of fat. This means that your body has an energy source that will never run out. In other words, you will have more energy to go throughout the day.

How to know if your body is in a ketosis state?

The easiest and maybe the most efficient way to find out if your body is in ketosis state is to simply start using ketone test strips. However, keep in mind that thee tests don’t tell you if your body is in ketosis. They just provide you with information about the level of ketones in your body. Apart from that, you can try using blood glucose monitor – it is more effective. However, there are a few symptoms that can show you that your body is in a ketogenic state:

– Dry mouth

– Bad breath

– Reduced hunger and increased energy

– Increased urination


Whatever you do, don’t get into a vicious circle of measuring and testing your ketone levels. After a while, you will more easily see the signs that your body is giving you.

The cons of Keto diet

It’s important to be mindful that keto diet is not for everyone. Here are a few cons of keto diet you need to be aware of:

  • The keto diet is limiting – it doesn’t include much variety in your meal plans
  • Keto diet may include too much fat for some people
  • It may cause “the keto flu” – the transition into utilizing ketones for fuel can be intense enough and thus lead to keto flu
  • It may not be the best solution when it comes to long-term weight loss- eating too many calories from one food can make you even gain weight



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